Joe Flayskin

English name: Joe Peelskin, Joe Flayskin
Croatian name: Josip Gulikoža
German name: Sepp Schälhaut
Hungarian name: József Börlehuzó
Italian name: Peppe Spellapelle
Slovenian name (original): Joža Gulikoža

Joe Flayskin is a negative character, which was created after the Hungerly was turned from the negative to a positive character. The good stories could not be done without the negative character.

Joe Flayskin is a small froggy with a sword before which the world is trembling. Joe Flayskin is always surrounded with a gang of few helpers who are people, not animals. Despite the fact that Joe Flayskin is a negative, it only performs in five comics, and in the others are the negators other characters.

Joe Flayskin was the least varied of all characters since it was introduced very late. At that time, the style of the other characters was already formed, and for the drawing then Muster did not use the pen.

Titles of comics in which it performs

TitleOriginal Title
Krvavi kapitanKrvavi kapitan
Težave z gradnjoNovogradnja
Obisk iz vesoljaV vesolje

* The title also contains a comic book Džunga, which is a logical continuation of the comic book in Africa.
** The comic book is unfinished.
*** This is an introduction to the Miki Muster’s comic collection published by Buch.