The list of animations includes only VHS tapes and DVDs, which could be purchased on free sale market.

Najlepši slovenski risani filmi (The most beautiful Slovenian cartoon films)

The cartoons Dart (1960), Courier Nejcek (1961), The Winter Story (1962) was created in the studio Viba film, where Miki Muster participated as the main designer and animator.

The cartoon Dart talks about a boy who gets at the end of the school year for a bow and arrow award. Because he lives in the city, he doesn’t allow him to shoot and keep chasing him. In the end, you still get a prize for a hit.

The cartoon Courier Nejcek is talking about the shepherd – partisan courier of the one who, through the day, watches the livestock on the mountain and watches the movement of the Nazis, and at night the news informs the Partana. The Film is made in honor of the 20th anniversary of the uprising of Yugoslav nations.

The cartoon Winter Story is about the Sparrow, the faithful friend of the Snowman, who is chased by a black cat. With the help of Snowman, the Sparrow tricks and punishes the cat.

Medium: VHS
Year: 1997
Directed and the story: several authors
Language: Slovenian
Cartoon Length: 42 min (6 animated films)
Episodes titles:

  • Kurir Nejček (Courier Nejcek)
  • Deteljček (Little Clover)
  • Kovček (Suitcase)
  • Puščica (Arrow)
  • Zimska zgodba (Winter Story)
  • Hribci – zajtrk (Breakfast)


The cartoons of the children’s savings “Knax” were created in the mid-80s years of the last century when Muster lived and worked in Munich. Cartoons were made for Deutsche Sparkasse. The cartoons are happening on the small island of Knax, which has one village in which the main heroes, children, Didi and Dido live. The Fetzenstein Castle is located next to the village. In the castle live the infamous Fetz and his gang of villains. Miki Muster himself drew the first four cartoons.

Cartoon Der Rote Strumpf (Red Sock) says how Fetz is trying to steal some village red sock with all the savings. The theft fails, and the money instead of keeping it in the sock is taken to the bank.

Cartoon Kein Sonnenschein für Fetzenstein (No Sun for Fetzenstein) talks about the unsuccessful roof repair at Fetzenstein Castle.

Cartoon Ganz Schön Aufgeblasen (Very Nicely Inflated) speaks of the landscapes of Fetza and his balloon gangs. Because the gang wants to steal too many things, they can’t get up and run because of the overweight.

Cartoon Gaukelei ums Liebe harbour platform Geld (Scam for Love Money) speaks of how the Fetz is disguised as a wizard with the magic trick swindle the inhabitants of the island of Knax.

Medium: VHS
Year: 2005
Directed and animation: Miki Muster
Language: German
Cartoon Length: 33 min (5 episodes)
Episodes titles:

  • Der Rote Strumpf (Red Sock)
  • Kein Sonnenschein für Fetzenstein (No Sun for Fetzenstein)
  • Ganz schön aufgeblasen (Very Nicely Inflated)
  • Gaukelei ums liebe Geld (Scam for Love Money)
  • Beraubte Räuber (Robbed Robber)


The cartoons “Mordillo” were created in the years from 1976 to 1981, when Muster lived and worked in Munich. Guillermo Mordillo gave him the exclusive rights to draw animations according to his templates, in the form of a short cartoon, consisting of two or three thumbnails. Animations are comic stories, in which the main character is a dreamer who walks around the world and does not speak. The stories often include animals (giraffes, snails, cows, pigs, …).

The total was plotted for about 300 minutes of Mordillo animations. Each cartoon is long from 20 seconds to 1 minute. Cartoons were first presented in the early eighties of the last century at the Cannes Film Festival, where they had tremendous success.

Medium: VHS
Year: 1998
Story: Guillermo Mordillo
Directed and produced by: Manfred Schmidt
Language: German
Cartoon Length: 105 min

In Der Arche ist der Wurm Drin

The cartoon “The Worm is inside the Ark” was formed in 1988, when Muster lived and worked in Munich. Muster participated in the project as one of the five main animators, although the inscriptions are only as a cartographer. In the cartoon, he animated an eagle, bears, seals, ants, termite in a total length of 15 minutes.

The contents of the cartoon are summarized by the story of Noah’s Ark, when Noah instructs the production of a boat and draws up a list of pairs of animals that he will take with him and save them from space dives. However, in compiling the list was not sufficiently cautious and did not take into account that certain animals were consumed with wood. At the beginning of all four decks of boat, a peaceful daily life prevails. Gradually, the Ark starts to collapse and be beat. The brown bear unintentionally lands the floor lower, which is why there are more doubts between the passengers. The main suspect is the wood worm Willi and his family. He ultimately lives in the wood of the boat from the very beginning of construction. That’s how the hunt for Willie starts. But Willi is innocent. With a lot of courage and help his family manages to find the right cultorians and neutralize the damage.

Media: VHS, DVD
Year: 1988, 2006
Producer: Willi Benninger, Ute Koll, Michael Schoemann
Directed and the story: Wolfgang Urchs
Language: German
Cartoon Length: 81 min

Nick Knatterton

The cartoons “Nick Knatterton” were created from the end of the 70s to the mid-80s years of the last century, when Muster lived and worked in Munich. The cartoons are comic detective stories about detective Nikolayus Kunu Freiherri von Knatter. The stories are summarized by the comics of Manfred Schmidt, which resulted in the 50s years of the last century and have achieved tremendous success in the German-speaking area. Miki Muster drew all 15 cartoons on the famous detective.

Nick Knatterton is a private detective who is always wearing a green checkered dress with a hat and smokes a faucet. The cases are dealt with by elegance, with feelings and ingensibility. It is the fear and quake of the villain and the pet of women, very mischief and invincible. Nick Knatterton often begins his deduction conclusions with the word “Conclusion” (in German: “(Ich) Combiniere!”, literary: “I’m concluding!”), followed by the conclusion itself. This has become a kind of catchphrase for him.

Media: VHS, DVD
Year: 2001
Directed and the story: Manfred Schmidt
Language: German
Cartoon Length: 190 min (15 episodes)
Episodes titles:

  • Kennen Sie Nick Knatterton? (Do you know Nick Knatterton?)
  • Freitags immer (always on Friday)
  • Die Geheimnisse der Alibi-Bar (Secrets of Alibi-Bar)
  • Türen, Täter und Tresore (Doors, Perpetrators and Safers)
  • Miezen, Macher und Moneten (Cats, Doers and Money)
  • Spesen, Spinner und Spione (Food, Geeks and Spies)
  • Bargeld, Betten und Brillanten (Cash, Beds and Brilliants)
  • Die Ferngelenkte Superbiene (Super Bee on Remote Control)
  • Ballermänner und Computer (Blower and Computer)
  • Sammler, Fälscher und Ganoven (Collector, Forger and Crook)
  • Der criminelle Brühwürfel (Criminal Soup Cube)
  • Ein Kopf Fiel and Die Themse (Head Fell in the Thames)
  • Greifer, Girls und Grand hotels (Jaws, Girls and Grand hotels)
  • Moden, Maler und Modelle (Fashion, Painter and Models)
  • Finten, Flirts und Filmemacher (Tricks, Flirting and Film Maker)