English name: Hungerpot, Hungerly
Croatian name: Gladuš
German name: Nimmersatt
Hungarian name: Falankocska
Italian name: Ghiotto
Slovenian name (original): Lakotnik

Hungerly is one of the three protagonists in the series of comic books about The Adventures of Trickster, which Muster created right after Trickster.

Hungerly is a wolf, and one of the biggest devourer and slacker, very simple, often stupid, which makes her regular in trouble. He has a supernatural ability to communicate with the animals. He knows some judo gimmicks, and he’s always ready to fight. His specialty is he doesn’t know how to swim. He likes to be surrounded by beautiful and young women. Because he doesn’t like to be tied up, he’s single and without a regular job. He lives in an old crib that often collapse on his head.

Hungerly would have been negative in the first comic books, but the readers had such an opportunity to become a positive character. Over the years, he has surpassed even the main character Trickster by popularity. The reason for his popularity is probably that the readers were identified with him. He was not too smart, but he always succeeded.

Since the first adaptation to his last depiction in 23 years, Hungerly has changed the most. In the first stories it is depicted with a pen as a tall, ugly and negative wolf, and later with a brush as thick, more friendly and positive.

Titles of comics in which it performs

TitleOriginal Title
Zvitorepčeve prigode 1Zvitorepčeve prigode
Zvitorepčeve prigode 2Zvitorepčeve prigode
Grajski duhoviZvitorepčeve dogodivščine
V AfrikiV Afriki *
Pot v vesoljePot v vesolje
Trije hribolazciTrije hribolazci
Črni kavbojČrni kavboj
Čudežni otokČudežni otok
Zimsko veseljeZimsko veselje
V srcu AfrikeNa jug
DetektivVeliki detektiv
Na LunoNa Luno
Na olimpiadoNa olimpiado
V svet tišineSvet tišine
Krvavi kapitanKrvavi kapitan
Prvi aprilPrvi april
Kamena dobaKamena doba
Bosa NogaBosa Noga
Težave z gradnjoNovogradnja
Nagradni natečaj-
Vitez roparVitez ropar
Trije mušketirjiTrije mušketirji
Rdeči kanjonRdeči kanjon
Na grmadoNa grmado
Za volanomZa volanom
Obisk iz vesoljaV vesolje
Skok v prihodnostSkok v prihodnost
Zmajev otokZmajev otok
Med TurkiTurki, Turki
Zelena dolinaZelena dolina
Veliki izumBrez naslova
Lakotnikova električna petletkaLakotnikova električna petletka
Zimsko spanjeZimsko spanje
Sneg, sneg ...Smučarija
Med in mleko pa še TOZDMed in mleko pa še TOZD **
Geschichten aus unserem WaldGeschichten aus unserem Wald **
Nazaj v mladost - ***

* The title also contains a comic book Džunga, which is a logical continuation of the comic book in Africa.
** The comic book is unfinished.
*** This is an introduction to the Miki Muster’s comic collection published by Buch.